• freedom of choice of lifestyle, employment, and education as full and equal participants in Canadian society.
  • access to post-secondary education.
  • employment and the right to equal opportunity to employment with equal pay for work of equal value.
  • access to quality, full government subsidized child-care, provided by adequately trained and paid childcare workers since access to education is limited by a lack thereof.
  • a financial student's assistance program which meets the needs of full-time, part-time students and single parents, the majority of whom are women, and which does not require dependence on their parents or spouse.
  • concrete programs for re-entry of women into post-secondary education to aid women in overcoming the barriers of interrupted studies and inadequate back-grounds
  • academic counseling which informs women of all educational and employment opportunities available in order to actively combat streaming of women in to traditional fields.
  • Organize as women since women's organizations within the student movement are necessary to actively raise the issues faced by women students, to provide a place for women to develop organizational and political skills and to provide a forum where women can develop a sense of a unity and co-operation.
  • a student organization which recognizes, promotes and funds a women's organization on campus which facilitates involvement in women's issues.
  • An education through non-sexist instruction, textbooks and materials, recognizing that some literature and materials must be viewed relative to their historical or social context but that all instruction, contemporary textbooks and materials should be free of sexual stereotyping and discrimination.
  • an educational environment free of advertisements, entertainment programming and/or materials which promote violence against women, sexual stereotyping and/or discrimination.
  • government funded women's studies courses in post-secondary educational institutions
  • access to safe reliable birth control and family planning information and the right of choice in the method.
  • freedom of choice in the matter of abortion.
  • access to quality health services and counseling which meet the needs of women students and respect a woman's control of her body
  • freedom of expression of sexual orientation.
  • freedom from sexual assault and all other forms of violence.
  • an educational environment free of sexual harassment.
  • effective legal and academic grievance procedures recognized by students, faculty, and support staff.
  • celebrate International Women's Day on campus.

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