by Carol Connick

From June to November, CCLOW-P.E.I. co-sponsored with the Advisory Council on the Status of Women and the P.E.I. Nurses' Union a Women's Health sharing Lecture Series addressing such topics as Women, Aging, Menopause, Women and AIDS, Weight Prejudice Against Women, and Nurse Practitioners /Midwifery.

In conjunction with Holland College, CCLOW held a workshop on November 20 on "Marketing Non-Traditional Jobs to Women." Susan Wismer acted as facilitator and the workshop was funded through the CEIC grants to voluntary organizations. Several members are involved in planning the CRIAW conference which will be held in Charlottetown November 16-18, 1990. This conference will be the major focus of CCLOW-P.E.I.'s activities during 1990.

A local CCLOW member, Linda Gallant, has recently been named chair of the P.E.I. Advisory Council on the Status of Women.


by Donna Marion

A small committee of CCLOW-Man. members met and developed a membership survey which was sent out last summer. Members were asked for their suggestions on network activities and focus, and the responses will be used for future planning.

The Canadian Association for Community Education is holding a conference in May of 1990, at which CCLOW-Man. hopes to present a panel discussion on Literacy Programs for Women in Manitoba. Donna Marion and Pat Fraser (Provincial Coordinator) made a presentation to the Manitoba Task Force on Literacy, and they hope to obtain funding from the newly established Provincial Literary Secretariat for a local literacy project.


by Judith Hindle

Janis Stone represented CCLOW-Sask. at a 'Women and Aging" consultation on June 26 in Regina. Twenty Saskatchewan women's groups participated in the consultation and planning for a follow-up conference is progressing. Judith Hindle and Cathy Stedwell attended the Saskatchewan Department of Social Services' National Symposium About Families in Regina July 11-13.

CCLOW-Regina has initiated a film/ discussion series as a way to reach new members and to stimulate dialogue on women's issues. Films are shown once every two months and the series will continue into the spring. Peggy Buckley is our Provincial Coordinator and is located in Prince Albert where we hope to soon establish another CCLOW chapter.

The Regina Bridging Program for Women is developing two new initiatives: entrepreneurial skill training for women and an ESL pre-bridging component for immigrant women. Janis Stone and Hilary Craig are working with the Bridging Program on each of these projects respectively.


by Cathy Bray

A CCLOW-Alberta working group has envisioned the development of a computer network for women around the province. This would involve teaching each other how to use a computer and creating electronic mail links. We are currently looking for a funding source.


by Sydney O'Sullivan

Lynn Fogwill, CCLOW-N.W.T. Coordinator, is often required to travel the territory in her work and consequently is able to make contact with members and potential members as she passes through various areas. In April, a circumpolar literacy conference is being held in the territory and many CCLOW-N.W.T. members hope to attend.


by Sharon Goldberg

Sharon Goldberg represented CCLOW at a consultation on Employment Equity. Riva Love has been active as CCLOW representative to Advocates for Community-Based Training and Education for Women (ACTEW). Jan Clarke (Network Coordinator) completed a membership survey to which there was a good response.

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