October 9-11, Vancouver, B.C.

OutRights is envisioned as a conference where lesbian and gay activists can forge alliances and develop strategies to carry the lesbian and gay movement into the future. Contact: OutRights, 321, 1525 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6G IC3, (604) 251-4356.

. . . .

Les droits visibles
Du 9 au 11 octobre, Vancouver
(Colombie- Britannique)

Conférence ou les militants gais et lesbiennes pourront forger des alliances et mettre au point des stratégies d'avenir pour le mouvement. Contact: Outrights, 321, 1525 rue Robson, Vancouver (B.-C.) V6G lC3, (604) 251-4356.

. . . .

A Child Care Agenda for the 90s
October 15-19, Ottawa, Ontario

Co-sponsored by the Canadian Day Care Advocacy Association and the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, the goal of the conference is to construct a national child care policy to present to government for implementation and will include a lobby on parliament hill. Contact: Eileen Condon, OCBCC, 500A Bloor Street W., 2nd Flr, Toronto, Ontario, M5S lY8, (416) 538-0628, Fax (416) 538-6737.

. . . .

Les services de garde des années 1990
15-19 octobre, Ottawa (Ontario)

Parrainée par l'Association canadienne pour la promotion des services de garde à l'enfance et Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, cette conference vise à mettre au point une stratégie réaliste, susceptible d'être reprise et mise en route par le gouvernement. Il y aura aussi un lobby sur la colline du Parlement. Veuillez contacter : Kathleen Bellinger, CDCAA, 323, rue Chapel, Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 7Z2, (613) 594- 3196; télécopieur (613) 594-9375.

Celebrating Identity,
Moving Towards Alliance,
Creating Community

October 23-24, Calgary, Alberta

Organized by the Calgary Status of Women Action Committee, this conference features keynote speaker bell hooks, and celebrations with feminist-humorist Kate Clinton and storyteller Lana Skauge. Contact: CSWAC, #319, 223-12 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0G9, (403) 262-1873.

. . . .

Power Within Diversity
November 12-14, Toronto, Ontario

Located at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, this conference will look at confronting moral issues through education in a multi-racial, multi-cultural community and world. Contact: AME-OM/VEA conference, Suite 12-115, 252 Bloor Street W., Toronto, Ontario, M5S IV5, (416) 944- 2652, Fax (416) 944-3822.

. . . .

Making the Links: Anti-Racism &

November 13-15, Toronto, Ontario

The annual conference of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, issues of age, class, ability, sexuality, etc. will be addressed within the framework of anti-racist feminism. Contact CRIAW, 151 Slater Street, Suite 408, Ottawa, Ontario, KIP 5H3, (613) 563-0681, Fax (613) 563-0682, TDD (613) 563-1921.

. . . .

Perspectives féministes dans la lutte
contre le racisme

13-15 novembre, Toronto (Ontario)

Le colloque annuel de l'Institut canadien de recherches sur les femmes traitera de questions d'âge, de classe, d'habileté, de sexualité, etc., dans le cadre du féminisme antiraciste. Veui1lez contacter: ICREF, 151, rue Slater, bureau 408, Ottawa (Ontario) KIP 5H3 (613) 563-0681; télécopieur (613) 563- 0682; ATS (613) 563-1921.

In Focus: Inner City Schools
November 17-20, Vancouver, B.C.

This conference of the Canadian Council for Inner City Education will focus on educational and social issues affecting children living in urban or rural poverty. Contact M. Cote-Malley, 1130 Keefer Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1Z3, or call Patti Lefkos at (604) 254-0821 or 253-7449.

. . . .

Insight '92
November 20-22, Edmonton, Alberta

For further information on this annual festival of women's film and video, call (403) 448-0730. For information on how to bring the festival to your community, call Moyra at (403) 421-0306.

. . . .

Women in the Shadows: Violence
Against Aboriginal Women

November 27-29, Camp He-Ho-Ha, Alberta

This educational conference, sponsored by Women of the Metis Nation, will use training workshops and healing circles to give and receive information. Call (403) 484- 7989 for more information.

. . . .

Towards E = Quality
November 26-28, St. John's, Nfld.

Canadian Teachers' Federation conference on women, education, and quality of life. For information contact: CTF, 110 Argyle Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1B4 (613) 232-1505, Fax (613) 232-1886.

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