WOMEN'S EDUCATI0N DES FEMMES, a feminist connection to the world of learning and education, is published quarterly by the Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women, a national organization that promotes feminist education and the empowerment of women.

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This issue is dedicated to all the women and girls who have experienced and are experiencing violence and abuse as they seek to learn.


There are many people to thank in bringing together this powerful and pain ful look at the effect of violence on women's education. Firstly, the guest editorial collective (Anne Elliott, Wanita Koczka, Pip Van Nispen, Patricia Williams), who refined the focus of this issue and who reached out to welcome and encourage submissions from women, some of whom may otherwise never have had the chance to speak. The strength, courage, and committee of the writers themselves must be acknowledged; we thank them for sharing their: stories.

They are: Elizabeth Bear, Kate Delaney Earthdancer, Loralee Elliot, Sharon Ferguson-Hood, Patty Herriot, Morgan McClung, Jeannine Ouellette, Debbie, Emma, Donna, Marla, Priscilla and Jocelyn at Pinegrove Correctional Centre, Colleen Race, Mary Rennie, Jessica Slights, Jean Wasegijig, and one who remains anonymous. Book reviews were contributed by Peggy Buckley, Janet Kolenick Herbert, and Barb Cottrell. Poetry is by Lynne Kositsky, Billie Livingston, Dianne Reid, Barbara Wood; artwork is by Phyllis Ferber and Antoinette Martens.

CCLOW gratefully acknowledges the continuing financial support of the Women's Program, Secretary of State.


The cover graphic is a depiction of women's pain, which often goes unacknowledged in our struggle to be strong. It is by Phyllis Ferber.


The members of the CCLOW Northern Saskatchewan editorial collective are Anne Elliott, Wanita Koczka, Pip Van Nispen and Patty Williams. Several of us work on a daily basis with women who have been victims of violence; all of us are involved with adult education. We decided to work as a collective, which we feel is a natural Saskatchewan process. It is also a process that acknowledges our collective wisdom and experience. We gather strength from each other, we learn from each other, and we see this as a way all women learn.


In the interest of the widest distribution of material, WEdf encourages readers to reproduce material from the magazine for the purposes of education and learning, with the proviso that we be notified of such use. For other purposes of reproduction, such as reprinting material in another publication, we ask that permission be requested from the Editor.


WEdf invites all readers to submit articles, ideas, poetry, humour, commentary, reviews, resources, and graphics. Please send submissions to the Editor, WEdf, 47 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2V6, or fax them at (416) 699-2145. Material that is sexist, racist, classist, homophonic, able-ist, age-ist or which is oppressive in any other way will not be accepted for publication. Submitter who wish their material returned should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Writer's guidelines are available.

We gratefully acknowledge the following for their financial support of this project: Health and Welfare Canada; United Steelworkers of America (USWA); an anonymous donor,' Nancy's Very Own Foundation; Canadian Auto Workers: CAW-Canada,. Bell Canada, United Food and Commercial Workers Canadian Council (UFCW/TUAC Canada), Canadian Union of Postal Workers,' and Telemedia Inc.

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