WOMEN'S EDUCATION DES FEMMES, a feminist connection to the world of learning and education, is published quarterly by the Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women. CCLOW is a national, nonprofit organization promoting feminist education and the empowerment of women.

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For this general issue perusal of the barriers that girls and women still experience in accessing education in this country (and why are articles on this topic still so easy to collect?), we are grateful for the informative and insightful contributions of Marie Barton, Stephanie Garrow, Janice Gingell, Monique Hébert, June Larkin, Dorothy MacKeracher, Nilima MandaI Girl, Sandra Monteath, Margot Schenk, Nathalie Stephens, and Lynda Stokes. Poetry is by Helene Blais, Catherine Lake, and Annette LeBox; original illustrations were contributed by Fran Thoburn.

For dedicated and selfless work in producing the index to volume 10 in this issue, Lara Morris and Dianne Palachik are sincerely thanked. Nathalie Stephens' volunteered time in producing the Resources/Ressources Section is also greatly appreciated. CCLOW acknowledges the continuing financial support of the Women's Program, Secretary of State.

Three Books About the Power of Woman-Positive Literacy Work

The power of woman-positive literacy work: Program-based action research
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Women in literacy speak: The power of woman-positive literacy work
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Includes materials written by students and staff, five analytical articles, a policy paper, a story suitable for curriculum, and a summary of the research process, collaborative analysis and recommendations.

Listen to women in literacy: The power of woman-positive literacy work
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Written and designed for use by intermediate and advanced students in adult literacy and basic education programs.

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*CCLOW members, adult literacy students and programs, community-based organizations. Add 7% GST to the total.

All women readers are invited to submit articles, ideas, poetry, humor, commentary, reviews, resources, photographs, illustrations or graphics. Send submissions to the Editor, WEdf, 47 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2V6, or fax them to 416/699-2145. Material that is sexist, racist, classiest, homophobic, ableist, ageist or which is oppressive in any other way will not be accepted for publication. Submitter who wish their material returned should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Writer's guidelines are available.

In the interest of the widest distribution and use of information, WEdf encourages readers to reproduce material from the magazine for the purposes of education and learning. For other purposes of reproduction, such as reprinting material in another publication, permission must be requested from the Editor.


The cover design is a result of the new- found illustrating talents of Fran Thoburn.

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