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Teleforum series presents Literacy and Essential Skills Guide for Service Providers in the Homelessness Sector - October 25

The Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HPS) and the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (OLES) at HRSDC have worked together to develop a guide which highlights easy-to-use literacy and essential skills tools available through HRSDC. These tools can be used by service providers to assist their homeless or at-risk clients in accessing the labour market.

The Homelessness Partnering Secretariat Teleforum series presents:

A Literacy and Essential Skills Guide:

When: Thursday, October 25, 2012, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Eastern time)
How: This FREE Teleforum opportunity combines Web-based viewing of PowerPoint presentations with audio interactivity.  The session will be presented in English with French simultaneous translation available.
Topic: Literacy and Essential Skills Guide for Service Providers in the Homelessness Sector


The Guide for Service Providers Assisting Homeless or At-risk Clients specifically supports people such as front-line workers, adult educators, career counsellors and other practitioners to better assist homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness to identify their skills levels and vocational possibilities.

Participants in this teleforum will come away with a good understanding of:

  • The literacy and essential skills tools, their purpose, and how they apply to the work of homeless service providers
  • Three easy steps to select and use the tools for assisting homeless or at-risk clients in accessing the labour market
  • Where to find the tools online
  • How to customize the tools for different clients’ needs

Presented by OLES and Youth Live:

Ashley Miceli is a policy analyst at OLES who has been closely engaged in tool development and outreach since 2009.  She recently collaborated on the development of an online resource that serves as an OLES tool user guide to help individuals and organizations address workplace essential skills challenges.

Kelly Hunt is a program manager who has been at the helm of the Youth Live program since mid-2007.  Youth Live is a job and life skill development program for youth at risk.  Kelly will share their experience of using the tools outlined in the guide, integrating essentials skills into the Youth Live program over the past three years, and the positive impact it has had on post-program outcomes for their clients. Kelly will be joined for the presentation by Kate Apestiguy, Participant Relations Coordinator, Youth Live, and Courtney Matheson, Program Generalist, Youth Live.


Register for this event at

Individuals and organizations can participate from wherever they have access to a computer and a telephone. Organizations are encouraged to attend in groups if they wish to share a computer and speaker phone.

Note: If you encounter any difficulty logging into the web portion of the event, you can press *0 (Star symbol and then number 0) on your telephone keypad (after dialing into the teleconference) to be placed into a Help queue.  The first available operator will assist you.  Do not press *0 a second time, because doing so will take you out of the Help queue. If you have any questions, please give Network Telsys a call at (877) 650-9090 and press 4 for Customer Service.

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