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New video celebrates Chilliwack, B.C.’s Read While You Wait (Ladybug Book Bin) Program

The Chilliwack Learning Community Society is celebrating its Read While You Wait (Ladybug Book Bin) program with a new two-minute promotional video that describes how this early family literacy outreach program works.

The video highlights the value of exposing children to books and reading, and puts the spotlight on a few of the contributing businesses, says Debbie Denault, literacy outreach coordinator with the society.

To view the video go to:

“Children who are exposed to books, and are read to tend to do better in school, go farther in their education, and are healthier and more successful throughout life,” Debbie says. “But not all families can afford to buy books for their children, or they may not know the value of reading to their child, or they may even have trouble reading themselves.”

That’s why the volunteer-based Chilliwack Learning Community Society is involved with the Read While You Wait program. Gently used, quality children’s books are placed in bins at various host sites across Chilliwack. The bins are easy to spot because they are wooden lady bugs – a symbol of joy, according to Debbie.

Thanks to the program, young children and their parents are able to enjoy the books together while they wait for service in government offices, community service waiting rooms, and business foyers. Volunteers maintain an inventory of the books, and move the bins periodically between sites so returning children can continue to discover new stories.

“No one minds if a book goes missing,” Debbie said. “If it does happen, it’s likely gone home with a child to be read and loved, and it can easily be replaced.”

The Read While You Wait (Ladybug Book Bin) project began in 2002 through the Chilliwack Child and Youth Committee’s Early Years subcommittee. The Chilliwack Learning Community Society became a project partner in 2008, and then the lead organization in 2010.  

Today, the brightly coloured book bins are located in 20 locations throughout the community and 1,600 books are in the Read While You Wait collection.

The program is made possible through:

  • Oversight and expertise from the Chilliwack Learning Community Society Early Family Literacy Task Group
  • Passionate and committed volunteers
  • Custom-made ladybug book bins constructed and contributed by a local Provincial Correctional Centre
  • Gift cards from a local hardware store
  • Donated and discount-priced,  gently used quality books from individuals, book stores and service clubs
  • Grants and private donations of funds

“The best foundation for literacy is a happy family reading routine, right from birth,” Debbie says. “The Read While You Wait program makes it possible for all families in Chilliwack to enjoy good children’s literature.”

For more information, Debbie can be reached at or by phone at 604-392-2404.



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