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November 14, 2005

Photo of Gart Watt

This story was written by Gart Watt, from Truro, Nova Scotia. Gary is enrolled in literacy classes at Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA).

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by Gart Watt

On the date of September 1st/2005 my father dropped me off in Debert, Nova Scotia and bought me a coffee. After we talked and said our goodbyes I walked down the on ramp with a duffle bag with pretty much everything I own in it, 375 dollars in my pocket, and a heart full of determination to the highway to disembark on my journey. I was hitch hiking 4797 kms to Calgary, Alberta to experience an event that would change my life forever/ make my life complete, to meet Dave Mustaine (Vocals, Lead guitar), Glen Drover (Rhythm guitar), James Macdonough (Bass guitar), Shawn Drover (Drums), MEGADETH! to see them live in concert and meet them in person because my 335 dollar ticket included back stage pass, and a "meet n' greet" with Megadeth.

Also there in Calgary I was meeting my good friend Ian Elliot that use to live here in Truro, then hitch hike 617 more kms to Kelowna, BC 5404 kms away from home where I used to live to visit friends and family.

I made it to Calgary in 6 days, the concert was on the 7th and I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for 1 hell of a guy named Chris that picked me up in Brandon, Manitoba at around the end of day 5, September 5th and drove me all the way to Calgary, the saying what goes around comes around (Karma), I helped a guy with a broken down van push it to a gas station, and shortly after got a ride all the way to Calgary, I owe my life to that man. Got in Calgary around 3:00, got a hold of Ian, stayed at his place for the night, the next night was Megadeth which was definitely without a doubt the best time of my life, I thrashed and moshed so much, the adrenalin overwhelmed me. Met the gods of metal, got pictures and autographs, they were very amazed and flattered I had hitch hiked so far to see them, I had planned to leave that night but Ian's parents offered me another night and a futon sure does beat the hell out of a ditch. The next morning down town Calgary I was on the CT-Train heading towards the Olympic Plaza station where you can get on East and West Bound trains, I was going east to go home.

On the whole trip I stayed in daily contact with Dad and Alison, they were worried sick and everyday I would try and call my friend Jessica in Kelowna but the whole time I couldn't get a hold of anyone at her house because they went on a little trip. But this thought popped into my head of "no! this adventure isn't over till I want it to be over. I'm going to Kelowna whether I meet up with Jessica or not." From around 12:00 in the afternoon till 10:00 I was heading for Kelowna. On the way there I got in contact with Jessica, the guy that drove me into Kelowna I got him to stop at the welcome sign of Kelowna to take a picture and kneel down to kiss the ground, I hadn't been there for around 3 years, I love that place.

I stayed a week spending time with Jessica and relatives, it was so hard to leave there again. It took me 8 days to get home, I got home at 6:00 in the morning. I kept a journal on this journey which filled two and a half, 200 paged note books, I had to leave out so much trying to fit this on 1 page and couldn't even do that; everything from running out of money half way home, having my bag with pretty much everything I own in it stolen; to getting caught in a thunder and lightning storm in the middle of nowhere. It was no easy, joyful trip.

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