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December 12, 2005

The following story was written by Roseann Martell, from the Halifax area in Nova Scotia. Roseann is a student at the Captain William Spry Public Library.

Roseann's Story

by Roseann Martell

Hi, my name is Roseann Martell. I have been coming to the upgrading program for the last three years. The first year I did not learn too much because my first tutor went on to something else, so it kind of set me back.

The next year I met my second tutor Carolyn Gallagher. What Carolyn and I are doing is reading and writing skills and I also have a math tutor that is helping me with my math.

When I started the program I could hardly read or write, but now I can do all these things. My math skills are so good now that I am doing some grade twelve math! I am so happy that I can read and write so much better, just ask Linda!

I just would like to give a special thanks to my reading tutor Carolyn Gallagher and my math tutor David and a special thanks to Linda Oakley cooordinator for the Literacy Program.

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