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December 12, 2005

Kenneth McDow

The following story was written by Kenneth McDow, from the Halifax area in Nova Scotia. Kenneth is a student of the Keshen Goodman Public Library literacy program with Coordinator Linda Oakley. Kenneth and others in the one to one-to-one tutoring program recently celebrated Literacy Action Week by reading their work from Over the Mountain 8.

Returning to Learning

by Kenneth McDow

After I left school, I was looking for a job in Halifax. I couldn't read or write very well. When I was looking for a job, I found a job working at the National Fish Plant. Then I started to learn to fill out applications for a better job in Halifax.

Now I go to the Keshen Goodman Library in Clayton Park. I started going to the library in 2003. My teacher's name is Cathy. I'm still going there and I'm learning the computer and writing stories at the library. I'm still learning math. I like math, history, geography and science.

I enjoy reading books and the newspaper now. I can help my family more because I read and write better and it's good for me. I want to keep going until I get my grade 12. I want to help other people to read and write too.

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