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December 12, 2005

Julie-Lynn Stanhope

The following story was written by Julie-Lynn Stanhope, from the Halifax area in Nova Scotia. Julie is a student in the Keshen Goodman Public Library literacy program.

Special Olympics in Nagano

by Julie-Lynn Stanhope

I was picked to go because I had won a gold medal in the pairs figure skating at Nationals in PEI in 2004.

I had very bad luck last October, an accident at practice. I tore a ligament and soft tissue and broke my anklebone. The screws from the surgery didn't come out until January.

When we arrived in Okaya, we were adopted by a Japanese family. We ate sushi salad, apple pie, ice cream- all Japanese style and we had a green tea ceremony. We visited an elementary school and a temple. When we left Okaya, the people were so sad to see us go, they ran after the bus.

Then we went to Nagano. At the opening ceremonies, we saw the Price and Princess and a sumo wrestler. I won gold medals in singles and pairs.

When I came home, lots of people congratulated me. I am so glad I never, never gave up on my dream.

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