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May 8, 2000

Photo of Anne Marie, Donald and Mike

The authors of the following writings are students in programs sponsored by the Cape Breton Literacy Network. This Network, one of more than 25 in Nova Scotia, is a partnership of community volunteers and representatives of non-profit and government agencies. The goal of the Network is to provide free, community based classes for adults who wish to improve their reading, writing and math skills.

Some of the students attend full time classes while others attend part time. Students have many good reasons for attending upgrading classes. All have recognized that good literacy skills help them have a better life as parents, workers and citizens. These students are on an exciting journey of lifelong learning and their accomplishments are worthy of celebration.

This story was written by Anne Marie LeDrew, Donald Clements and Mike Fitzgerald from Sydney, Nova Scotia. They are students with the Cape Breton Literacy Network who are preparing to enroll at the Marconi Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. They feel that attending adult day classes has increased their self-esteem and enabled them to overcome their fears and continue with their education.

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Key Decisions

by Anne Marie LeDrew, Donald Clements and Mike Fitzgerald

Good decision making is crucial to everyday life. Recognizing that every decision has a consequence is also very important. Sometimes a person makes decisions without fully understanding the consequences.

Quitting school is one such example. When a student quits school it is usually a result of peer pressure, system failure, immaturity, and/or general disinterest. At first, quitting seems like a good idea. With no deadlines or pressures, there is a sense of freedom and lack of responsibility. You think that time is yours to waste and that it really doesn't matter.

However, time marches on.. Suddenly former school friends are shutting you out of their groups. Watching them graduate and get good jobs, you realize that they have made a better life for themselves. You, however, are in dead end job going nowhere and must face the reality that you have made a big mistake.

Now there are more decisions to make. How do you fix your past mistakes in order to improve your future? You recognize that the key to your downfall was quitting school and you decide to concentrate on continuing your education.

There are several options available, all of which may seem frightening at first. There are adult literacy programs offering day and evening classes, provincial upgrading programs, and continuing education classes, to name just a few. Regardless which program is chosen, you must realize that it probably will seem scary to go back and try something that you had a negative experience with in the past. The key, however, is taking that first step and enrolling in a class.

Having made this decision, you must then be determined to abide by it and thus reap the consequences. Through perseverance, hard work, and dedication, you will achieve your goal - improving your education.

Remember - every decision, whether it be good or bad, has its consequences. The decision to go back to school may be one of the most important you will make but the consequences will be extremely rewarding.

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