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May 29, 2000

Photo of Jimmy Delorey

This week, we are launching 3 stories from The Antigonish County Adult Learning Association and as a special event you can read their stories as well as hear them.

The Antigonish County Adult Learning Association promotes and delivers adult literacy and upgrading programs that help and support people in reaching their educational personal goals. Their programs are usually in small groups with individualized attention from a qualified adult education instructor. Volunteer tutors are called in to assist as the need is identified by the learner and the instructor. The programs are part time, days and evenings, in different locations throughout the town and county of Antigonish.

This story was written by Jimmy Delorey, from Afton, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Jimmy has a baby girl. This year was Jimmy's first year in an adult upgrading class in Antigonish. Jimmy's goal is to get a High School Equivalency Certificate so that he can someday take a welding course at the local community College.

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One Day At A Time

Jimmy Delorey

Every morning I get up it's the beginning of a new day. I like to do the things I've got to do early in the morning. Then in the afternoon I can move on to do something else. I like to listen to the birds chirping in the morning. It kind of gives you something to look forward to. I like early in the morning when it's nice and cold, because I feel more like doing something.

I like to work out on the heavy bag. It makes my day easier because it makes me feel stronger. I split some wood, and clean my shop out, and do a bit of everything.

After everything is done I like to play a couple of tunes on my guitar. My little girl likes to listen to the sound of the guitar. She starts dancing around, so I keep on playing until she starts getting tired. Then I lay her down for a nap and clean up. Then I get her dinner ready. She is kind of fussy. She likes hamburger with ketchup and onions mixed in, and mashed potatoes. She loves them.

Tomorrow will be a different day. Amber goes back to her new home. Then I go back to the woods to cut some more wood. There is always something different going on. That's the way that life is.

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