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May 29, 2000

Photo of Darlene MacPherson

This week, we are launching 3 stories from The Antigonish County Adult Learning Association and as a special event you can read their stories as well as hear them.

The Antigonish County Adult Learning Association promotes and delivers adult literacy and upgrading programs that help and support people in reaching their educational personal goals. Their programs are usually in small groups with individualized attention from a qualified adult education instructor. Volunteer tutors are called in to assist as the need is identified by the learner and the instructor. The programs are part time, days and evenings, in different locations throughout the town and county of Antigonish.

This story was written by Darlene MacPherson, from Pinevale, Antigonish County, NS. Darleen has four children, four cats, and a dog. She started in her first adult upgrading program in December 1996 after being out of school for 24 years. This year she hopes to reach her goal of writing her GED, and then going on to someday start her own business.

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Antigonish is...

Darlene MacPherson

Antigonish is a great little town if you want to live here or visit. It's rich in Scottish heritage and culture. It has a great university, and a theatre for live plays. It is a Catholic town. St. Ninian's Cathedral is magnificent and rich in heritage, and grand in artistic craftsmanship. There are a lot of weddings at the church in the summer.

We have a lot of fine dining in Antigonish as well as fast food places. There are a few Bed and Breakfast places. One is the Old Bishop's House. It was renovated over into a bed and breakfast. It's called Antigonish Victorian Inn. The guest rooms are exquisite and you get excellent service. There is a pub that is called Piper's Pub. The interior is the same as Cheers in Boston and it has great Celtic music.

We also have a Heritage Museum down at the old train station, and a Mini Cabot trail out in Cape George. There is also great lobster fishing around May and June. You can get great lobsters to eat. There are plenty of beaches.

The town is small and quiet. There is a lot to do if you want. There is golfing from spring to fall, skating in the winter, bowling for the whole family, movies and places to eat pizza after a movie. St. Francis Xavier University has a great basketball team, and Antigonish has a great hockey team called the "Bulldogs".

We have plenty of farming from dairy to pigs to lambs. We even have a fish hatchery at Fraser's Mills. There is a religion for everybody: Anglican, Baptist, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and United. We even have a mother house for the Sisters of Saint Martha. We have a monastery with a few monks.

The Antigonish Regional Hospital serves four counties. The population of Antigonish is around 19,000; the town is 10,000, and the county is 9000, give or take a few. Antigonish is a small quaint place.

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