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January 5, 2004

This story was written by Shu Wang, from Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Shu Wang came to Canada from China in February, 2003. He worked as an Associate Professor in a University in China. Presently, he is working at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre in Swift Curent. He is doing research on wheat disease resistence and molecular genetics. His hobbies are music, long distance running and swimming. He is also an avid gardener and is very keen to improve his English language skills. The story below was assigned as an activity during Halloween week. The first few words were provided and the students wrote the rest.

An Unforgettable Scary Story

by Shu Wang

It was a dark night. I was walking down the road. Suddenly a car drove towards me at full speed. When I did step aside to escape it, it was too late. "Damn! I must be killed." What I did was just closed my eyes.

To my surprise, the car used its emergency brake and stopped with a sharp screech. I opened my eyes and saw two men in black with scary masks on their faces rushing towards me.

"Listen! Raise your hands!" They shouted at me. I saw in their hands, each one had a knife, shining cold light.

I followed what they said. I didn't think I could run away because one man turned to my back and put my hands down and tied them with a hard rope quickly. And then, he covered my eyes with a piece of black cloth. What I felt was a black world.

"Follow us! Don't speak out, or we will kill you!" one man said ruthlessly.

I followed them into the car, and sat on the passenger seat in the middle of two strangers. I peeked and saw the driver was wearing a mask too.

"Let's go!" one man ordered.

The car started and made a sprint.

The car had run for about fifteen minutes before it stopped suddenly.

"Pig, your life will be end in 10 minutes." one man said to me.

They led me to a house where I didn't know what kind of torture was waiting for me.

When I entered the house, they untied the rope from my hands and uncovered the cloth from my eyes. I looked around, but I still didn't know where I was. They threw me into a dark room, and locked the door.

I was too scared to cry out. I hoped somebody would come and save me from this hell, but I was desperate because through the window I saw everything was dark. I was waiting to die.

Suddenly, the door opened. "Don't speak out! Follow me!" a man in black mask led me to a dark room.

"Sit here, close your eyes and don't move!"

I sat silently, with my eyes closed, and waited to be killed.

All of a sudden, the lights were all turned on and cheers rose up, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

I opened my eyes, "Oh, my God! I can't believe this." I said to myself. I saw dozens of my friends-boys and girls were singing songs for me. I also saw a big birthday cake on the table with lighted candles.

I almost forgot today was my birthday. I found at last that they were trying to give me a big surprise.

I finally knew that the three kidnappers were my best friends - Tom, Brad and Stacey.

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