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January 12, 2004

The following story was written by Pauline Laramie, from Midland, Ontario. Pauline is a student of Midland Area Reading Council. She is new to the Council and is a great storyteller. She loves history, watching the discovery channel and is attending the Laubach Literacy of Ontario Conference in North Bay. This is one of the first stories she has ever written.

The Younger Days

by Pauline Laramie

When I was 10 years old I heard a sound from the other side of the lake. A sound I never heard before I would here it just about once a weak. To me it sounded like music. They would play when someone past away. But when I was older my father let me go to the parade in town I was so excited. When I got to town I was watching the parade and all off a sudden I heard this noise the same noise I heard when I was a young girl. I looked at my brother and ask him what is that sound. He said it is the bagpipes. He told me they play these bagpipes every time there is a parade and when Dday, which was invasion day the day June 6 of 1944, was the shore of Normandy beach. When the French was free of German occupation.

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