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More Adventures with my Car!

by John Woodworth

Last week we had to put a new second-hand camshaft in my car. My friend from down the shore, Blaine came and put in on. He knows a whole lot more than I do so he did all the work (with another fellow) and I just held the light. We started at about 9 o'clock and got finished roughly around 11 pm.

Another problem arose. The oil was getting into the radiator and water from the radiator was getting in the oil pan. I found out by looking at the oil dipstick and looking in the radiator. The head wasn't torqued down properly. I had to torque it down. So now it works - for how long I don't know!!

The next job is a motor job - but I have the carport roof first to make it strong enough to hold the bloody motor. More adventures !

[This story was taken with permission, from a collection of stories written by learners from different areas of Nova Scotia, entitled Over the Mountain 4, p.56]

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