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January 19, 2004

Photo of Debra Leech

Debra Leech is a lively, enthusiastic student at Renfrew County Community Upgrading Program. Debbie grew up at Mink Lake, just outside of Eganville in the Ottawa Valley. Debbie came to RCCUP saying that she wanted to make a better life for herself and for her three lovely daughters. Since then, she has developed a variety of employment skills and now works part time. Music and writing are strong interests for Debbie. This song, Change for the better, shows her talents. Debbie's friends at RCCUP were touched by the words of this song. We thank her for her generous compliments and we look forward to watching her talents develop.

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Change for the Better

by Debra Leech

This is the song Debra Leech wrote for RCCUP.

On my way, no turning back
To use the computer to look up a fact
Renfrew County Upgrading, that's the place
To take off a frown and wear a new face

A new start to make a living, that's for me
Learning made easy, that's the way it should be
Here's a rule we all can bear
Renfrew County Upgrading, people who care

Change for the better, a better way
A different space takes you away
Scary is the unknown, but such is life
Delete the overload and surf to the Light

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