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October 9, 2000

The following reflections on Thanksgiving are all written by the students of the General Studies class at Cypress Hills Regional College, in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Presently, these students are upgrading. They are working towards further training and future employment.

Reflections on Thanksgiving

by Guy Davies

When October comes, and the fall weather comes, the leaves on the trees change colour and start to fall. The crops of various kinds have been harvested, and it's time to celebrate the bountiful harvest. This celebration is known as "Thanksgiving." On Thanksgiving Day, a feast is prepared consisting of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, vegetables, cranberry sauce and various other foods and for dessert pumpkin pie is served traditionally. People celebrate the harvest and give thanks to God for the harvest and for good fortune, thus, the name Thanksgiving.

by Steven Lloyd

Thanksgiving at my parents' house is always fun. There's lots of relatives and food. The table is for the adults. The kids eat in the living room. I even eat in the living room and I'm twenty-two years old. I like Thanksgiving.

by Ruthy Hildebrandt

I like Thanksgiving. We go home for the food - we eat. The crops are finished. So, we have turkey, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, dressing and then my dad gets pumpkin pie for himself. I go home to spend time with my family.

by Kathy Hamm

Thanksgiving means a lot to me. When I was growing up we would go to one of my grandparents' for dinner. All my aunts and uncles and cousins would be there also. The table and counters would be full of food. There would be turkey, potatoes, gravy, pie, and different kinds of vegetables including squash -- cooked then mashed. Of course, there was always lots of leftovers because my grandmother, mother, and aunts would all make somethings for the dinner. Then the next day, we would go to my other grandmother's house, and it would be the same thing. When I got older, we started staying home for Thanksgiving, and then when my sibling and I got married, we started taking turns in having Thanksgiving in our own homes with everybody else helping by bringing food. It was special for me, because it was a time to get together with family.

by Marten Reimer

I remember on Thanksgiving when my grandpa and grandma were living on the farm. Everybody came home for the holiday. We would have turkey and all the trimmings. It was a fun time. I was only small then. If there was snow on the ground then we would go snowmobiling or we would play games inside. It was really fun. I remember butchering turkeys -- that was really gross. I liked going with Grandpa on the combine or tractor on the field. Sometimes, we would bring him supper and eat it on the end-gate of the vehicle.

by Debbie Facette

The Thanksgiving I remember to be perfect was about six or seven years ago. I was living in Red Deer, Alberta, at that time, and got together with friends.

by Brent Rayner

We would as a big family go to my grandparent farm for Thanksgiving supper. My grandma would pluck the turkey and stuff it and then go and get a big bucket of potatoes. Everybody would help to make the supper. I would always set the table which was huge and seated 12 - 18 people plus all the food. We would eat and then my grandma would go and get the dessert. Then the dishes were done by the women. The kids would play and the adults would sit and visit.

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