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October 16, 2000

This story was written by Delma Desmond, from Monastery, Nova Scotia. In the summer time, Delma likes to pick berries, as well as do gardening and house work. In the winter, her hobbies are sewing and knitting. She also does crafts such as needlecraft.

The Value of Education

by Delma Desmond

I am a single parent and I have one child who is now finishing up her grade twelve. She has made me realize how important education really is for me and for everyone. If I want to be somebody besides a mother, I will need education to achieve my goals in life. She gave me great courage to go back to school and take up where I left off. I am forty, but to me, age is only a number. You're never too old to learn. Education is for everyone of all ages, it never stops. So for me, I really want to work hard to complete my grade twelve and move on to take a course. I would like to send wishes to all other adult learners who have decided to continue their education as well. Remember this, education is the passport to the future.

[This story was taken with permission, from a collection of stories written by learners from different areas of Nova Scotia, entitled Over the Mountain 4, p.88]

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