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May 3, 2004

The following story was written by Kenneth Partridge, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Kenneth comes from the Makwa Sahgaiechan First Nation. It is about three hours northwest of Saskatoon, where the last battle of Chief Big Bear happened. Kenneth likes to write poetry. He is also a "Prairie Chicken Dancer."


by Kenneth Partridge

Hey teacher! don't be a preacher
Just teach me to learn.

What you know?
What you hear? What you see?

I was scared to come to school
because I thought I was old, but
My Elder told me "You're never too old to learn."
He said, "get your education Boy!"

Hey teach! Here's a thought

I come to school everyday.
I learn now,
I'll learn something new tomorrow.

[This story was taken with permission, from an anthology of stories, poetry and other works by students of Basic Education 10, SIAST Kelsey Campus, entitled VISIONS 17, page 16.]

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