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June 21, 2004

The following poem was written by Joseph Landry, from Fort Providence, Northwest Territories. Joseph was born and raised in Fort Providence. He was enrolled in the Adult Literacy and Basic Education (ALBE) program this past year. Joseph completed Math 110 and English 110. He is a young adult who enjoys sports, especially soccer and volleyball. He likes to go hunting with his friends. Joseph is interested in furthering his education. More specifically, is interested in the welding and carpentry program.

Summer Time

by Joseph Landry

I remember
Summer time
Lots of work for the young
It is cold in winter
Summer weather
Is better
Picking berries with my mother
Playing soccer together
Smelling the flowers
Hearing the sounds of the lawn mower
Calling it a day
Time to hit the hay.

[This poem was taken with permission, from Literacy Matters, April 2004, published by the NWT Literacy Council.]

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