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September 13, 2004

The following story comes to us from Amherst, Nova Scotia. The author, Katrina Arsenault, is enrolled at Cumberland Adult Network for Upgrading (CAN-U).

My Mother & The Way She Touched My Life

by Katrina Arsenault

A person who has had a positive impact on my life is my mother.

My mom's name is Janey. She is a very loving and caring person. She taught me to be my own person, and to do what I can, when I can.

When my daughter Keshia was born, her father left us. My mom let me move back home. She would let me talk whenever I needed to. One time when I was very upset with Keshia's father, my mom let me yell until I was feeling better. Then she would talk to me and try to fix it. She helped me to raise Keshia for the first year of her life. For example, she would baby-sit so I could have time for my friends and myself. She did this because I was only 17 years old. My mom taught me how to be a caring mother myself.

Besides helping me, my mom also helped my sister. When my sister's boyfriend left her in 2002, my mom let her move back home too. While my sister was staying at home, my mom didn't charge her rent. As a result, she was able to save enough money up to get a place of her own. She helped her to get back on her feet as well.

To this day, my mom still helps me to raise my kids the best way I can. My mom is a very important person in my life. If I could help her in anyway I would.

[This story was taken with permission, from Over the Mountain 7, p. 42, a collection of stories written by learners from different communities across Nova Scotia.]

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