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November 22, 2004

The following story was written by D.H. Oakley, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. D.H. is a student with the Halifax Community Learning Network. He has been studying in the Halifax North Public Library program for two years and attends classes or tutoring three times a week. One of D.H's goals is to get his High School Diploma before he turns sixty.

Down and Out

by D.H. Oakley

I don't want to know what the feeling of living on the street is like. I know some people a long time ago that were on the street. It was sad to see them that way. I don't know what happened to them. Some people say they are in jail and some say they passed away. Some people get hooked on drugs and alcohol and can't kick the habit. So they lose their jobs and can't buy the stuff they need. So they end up on the street begging for money and food.

I try to help people out like this. Sometimes I don't know if I am helping them or making them worse. I know what hunger is, so if I got some money to spare I will give it to them most of the time. Some people can't get a break so they do the next best thing to get by.

This kind of living is all over the world. Some people like living this way. It's hard to figure out why anybody would like this type of life.

I think the government needs to put more money to help people like this. Myself, it is hard to see people like this. They need to help these people find homes and put them back to work. And give them medical attention because there are a lot of sick people on the street. I don't know why the government can't see this trouble.

Becoming homeless could happen to anyone of us.

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