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December 20, 2004

The following story was written by Gary Brogan, from Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. Gary started literacy classes last year at the Cape Breton Literacy Network. He loves to write and he also likes History and Geography. Gary is honest and hard working. He has lots of good friends. His hobbies are computers and watching good videos.

My Family Tradition at Christmas

by Gary Brogan

My family tradition at Christmas in my house was putting the lights inside of the windows. One Christmas my father and I were putting the lights around the house outside. My sisters were talking about what they were getting for Christmas and talking about the house looking pretty inside. Mother was busy cooking and baking for us. My father and I went to the woods for a tree. We saw one and it was not too bad to us. We took the tree out of the woods and put the tree on the top of the car and took it home. We got home with the tree and took it in the house and my mother started to laugh and said "Where did you find that tree?" On Christmas Eve my sisters and I were looking at the gifts around the tree and my father said "Open one!" with a loud voice. On Christmas day we all went to church and came home and opened the gifts. My uncle came down with his family for the Christmas dinner. For traditions we did the same thing. That was the Christmas my brother was away in Europe with the army. After Christmas dinner was over my father and uncle were talking about Christmas when they were children. I wish those Christmases could come back because my sisters moved away. Once while my sisters were back home we started talking about that Christmas years ago. Every time Christmas comes around I remember that Christmas years ago when I was a boy. I still have some of the ornaments from that Christmas and my sisters do have some also.

[This story was taken with permission, from Our Side of the Mountain 2004, p.23, a collection of writings by adult learners at the Cape Breton Literacy Network.]

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