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July 14, 2003

The following story was written by Ashley MacKinnon, from New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Ashley is enjoying her summer and plans to continue her studies in the fall at the New Waterford Day Class, which is a member of the Cape Breton Literacy Network. She is looking forward to a shopping trip to Halifax. Recently, Ashley did a workplace practicum at a fast food restaurant and is now working there full-time.

Helping People

by Ashley MacKinnon

I was able to change a very special person in my life. This person was very sad and did not smile at all. They were very sad because of things that had happened in their life that were very bad. It made this person sad for a very long time. I made this person happy by talking to them and being their friend. I made this person laugh for the first time in a very long time. I changed this person's life. I am very glad that I could make this person happy. I like to make people happy.

[This story was taken with permission, from Our Side of the Mountain 2001-2002, a collection of writings by adult learners at the Cape Breton Literacy Network.]

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