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October 27, 2003

Photo of Greg Lynds

This week, we are featuring the story of Greg Lynds, from the Port Colborne, Ontario area.

Greg has been involved with Literacy Plus for two years as a learner. He is a hard worker, determined, friendly and outgoing. Since Greg joined the One to One Program, Literacy Plus staff and Greg's tutor Angela have noticed a dramatic increase in Greg's self-esteem and confidence.

Greg is the first recipient of Literacy Plus's Learner of the Year Award. This award is given to a learner in the Port Colborne/Wainfeet area who has put consistent effort towards upgrading his/her skills and has taken the initiative to seek out opportunities to assist in personal growth and development.


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My Story

by Greg Lynds

Hi, my name is Greg Lynds, from Port Colborne Ontario. I decided to come to Port Cares because I wanted to improve my comprehension and spelling skills. PORT CARES introduced me to Julie who signed me up to the One on One Tutor Program. At the start of the program I had a hard time with comprehending stories and spelling more difficult words. Julie introduced me to Angela and we got along great. She helped me gain the confidence and knowledge I was looking for.

Since being in the program I've completed up to level six of the challenger adult reading series. My vocabulary and comprehension skills have greatly improved. I've also gained more self confidence and have increased my job opportunities.

I'd like to thank everyone involved at Literacy Plus especially Angela & Julie for all their wonderful help and support.

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