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November 24, 2003

The following story was written by a Literacy student from Grande Prairie, Alberta. She has been recently enrolled in literacy classes in her area.

When lightning struck our house

by a Literacy student from Grande Prairie

I was only a little girl when lightning struck the farm house that I lived in. It was pretty scary for everyone that was in the house.

I was sleeping with my Aunt Alice. I had wire burns on my legs and there was plaster everywhere. My parents were in the house and my Aunt Marg and my cousins and my brother also. My brother was sleeping close to a plug-in on the wall, if it had blown, my brother's head could have been split open.

My cousin had a piece of plaster fall into her crib. In the upstairs bedroom of my Mom and Dad, where the wall was blown, you could see down into the kitchen. So, this is something I wouldn't want to relive again. And my Aunt to this day will not go back into the house.

[This story was reprinted with permission, from the Spring 2003 issue of Word Ways : The Voice of Literacy Alberta, the newsletter of Literacy Alberta.]

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