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January 14, 2002

Photo of Mary Lappalainen

This week, we are launching three stories written by students from Nanaimo, British Columbia. As a special event you can read their stories as well as hear them, with the audio player.

Literacy Nanaimo was founded in 1990 as a community based literacy organization. They maintain a partnership with the local university-college and assist with the coordination of their Volunteer Tutor Program. Many individuals find it less threatening to access literacy programs through Literacy Nanaimo's downtown storefront. They provide computer equiped tutoring rooms and a large library of resource materials.

This story was written by Mary Lappalainen. Mary was born in Campbell River, BC. When she was very young her parents moved to Australia, she actually started school there. They moved back to B.C. when she was seven years old. Since then she has continued to live on the West Coast. Mary quit school just before she completed grade 12. At 29 years old she is the oldest child with a younger brother and sister.


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I Joined Nanaimo Special Olympics

by Mary Lappalainen

When asked to write a story for Literacy Nanaimo, I choose floor hockey. I went to watch my brother play floor hockey, and while I was there someone challenged me to play! I took up the challenge because I like the game, and like playing with my friends.

In 1999, I joined the Nanaimo Mighty Ducks, which is a mixed floor hockey team. At times my mother has to cheer for my brothers team, and for my team. She doesn't pick sides. I can't wait for the day that my brother and myself play against each other. Boy will she have a very sore throat.

What Floor Hockey Does For Me

  1. It helps keep me in shape
  2. It gets me out of the house
  3. I do it for the fun of it
  4. I make new friends
  5. I get to travel for competitions, like the provincials, which were held in Prince George this past July
  6. I get an adrenaline rush
Special Olympics Logo

Special Olympics Motto

Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.

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