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April 22, 2002

Photo of Barbara Lagrelle

This week, we are launching twelve stories written by students from The Learning Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. As a special event you can read some of the stories as well as hear them, with the audio player.

The Learning Centre is a community-based adult literacy and education program in Edmonton, Alberta. Whether we are drawn to the Centre to learn to write, to tutor reading, to facilitate, coordinate or do research, learning is at the centre of what we do.

The following story was written by Barbara Lagrelle, from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. This story is from when Barbara lived in Loon Lake, Saskatchewan. Barbara lives in Alberta now. She has been in Edmonton for a long time and has also been at The Learning Centre for a long time. Barbara has two boys. The people at The Learning Centre are like her family.


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by Barbara Lagrelle

When I was fourteen I stayed with my grandmother in Loon Lake, Saskatchewan. In summer we went hunting in the bush. We set snares to catch rabbits and prairie chickens. While we hunted my Kokum would tell me stories about snakes. I was really scared of snakes. At night I had scary nightmares about snakes.

My Kokum and I slept side by side in the tent. Before she went to sleep she would braid her hair into braids. She put her braids up on the pillow.

In the night I woke up and thought there was a snake in my bed. I wanted to get a stick or a rock to kill it but I couldn't find that. I decided to feel the snake to see if it was real. I felt hair first then the head and face. I realized it was my Kokum. Her braid was the snake. The next day I told her about it. She said you could have killed ME.

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