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June 10, 2002

Photo of Don Hall

The following story was written by Don Hall, from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. Don has been a student with the Bedford-Sackville Literacy Network for 5 months and meets with his tutor Linda Hutchison once or twice a week. He lives in Lower Sackville with his wife, Betty. He has two daughters and a dog named Chap. Don worked as a bus driver for 25 years.

Family Friendship

by Donald Hall

A couple of years ago, my brother-in-law Wayne came to visit me in the hospital where I had been for over a month waiting for heart surgery. Besides being relatives, we are also very good friends. My wife Betty, who is Wayne's sister, was also there, along with my daughter, Krista. Little did we know that the evening would turn out to be something more than a simple hospital visit.

While we were talking and laughing my phone rang and I answered it to find out that it was Wayne's daughter in law reporting that Mom had had an accident. She had fallen down the stairs and was in a great deal of pain. Wayne is a very emotional person and upon hearing the news he was very upset, thinking the accident had happened to his 100 year-old mother in law who lives with them. When he realized it was actually his wife Gloria who had the accident, he was so shaken up that we had to get a nurse and a wheelchair for him. He wanted to go home to be with her but we talked him out of it after we learned through my daughter calling his home that she was coming in an ambulance to the same hospital where we were. It was going to be a long night.

It's amazing that one phone call can change a relationship or a view on life. Gloria had broken her arm in five places and was operated on right away. Wayne came back from seeing her and he felt much better. We started talking about different things that we had never discussed before. I spoke to him about my problems, together we shared our problems and we helped each other out by talking. It helped both of us.

When Wayne left we hugged each other and I could see tears in his eyes. There were tears in my eyes too. That was a sign that we loved each other. I felt better when he left and I still feel good about all that we shared. It was a long night but a good night. We were able to laugh about the situation later on when Gloria teased me about her being special enough to get an operation while I was still waiting. Eventually I did have my heart surgery and today both of us are doing fine.

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