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December 9, 2002

Photo of Mary Lappalainen

This story was written by Mary Lappalainen. Mary was born in Campbell River, BC. When she was very young, her parents moved to Australia, and she actually started school there. They moved back to B.C. when she was seven years old. Since then she has continued to live on the West Coast. Mary quit school just before she completed grade 12. At 29 years old, she is the oldest child with a younger brother and sister. Mary is enrolled at Literacy Nanaimo.

First Day Back

by Mary Lappalainen

The first night back at floor hockey, was great! I had lots of fun playing, and hope I can play a game soon. Our warm up game will be, against the Nanaimo Biological Station, and the Nanaimo Clippers, and the Police Station. This year, The Winter Games will be held in Kamloops, and I can hardly wait to compete there.

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