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March 12, 2001

The following story was written by Denise M. Wills, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Denise is 21 years old and she was born in Salmon Arm, BC, although she has lived in Saskatoon for most of her life. She came from a troubled home where she felt very lost, alone and painfully shy. When she was young, she sensed she was destined for something great. Everything came to her easily. She wanted to learn everything she could. Denise wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to do, but she knew it would have something to do with expressing herself. In fact, expressing herself surrounds everything in her life. She has always loved to draw even when she was young. Denise is enrolled at SIAST Kelsey Campus in the Basic Education 10 Program. After she's finished her Grade 12, she wants to go the U. of Saskatoon and study English Literature and Drama. She hopes you enjoy her story.

The Gift

by Denise M. Wills

The power of a touch, is such an amazing sense. Where sight can stir ideas, swirl thoughts, and make one evolve, sound can provoke emotions and bring to mind long forgotten images from a life lived long ago. Taste can repel or it can bring forth pleasure, the bland, flat taste of disdain and emptiness or the distinctive of flavour of life and adventure. Scent can remind one of a destined lover's cologne, or the sweet aroma of freshness from a gentle rain on an August summer day or the subtle fragrance of a medley of flowers in a majestic, if not mystical garden, created by one's own idea of paradise. Where limits and boundaries are not present. Where everything is open to even the most extreme possibilities. Where anything can be achieved if only someone were to believe.

But the profound sensation of one touch can evoke one with a conscious revelation of just how powerful one's eternal energy can be and one's joy can be passed on to others through a single touch. This is more powerful than the false promises of a politician, the uncertain faith of any religion or the trivial, almost elusive quest to find one's happiness. It is something that is with us from before we are born and remains long after we die. It is US, now and forever.

Happiness is not something you can find around the corner nor far past the reaches of our universe. Happiness is what one contributes to the world and how many people one can touch throughout the course of their lifetime.

If one can realize that happiness cannot be bought, sought, sold or stolen, then one knows that happiness is a gift we all have been given. Something that connects us all, makes us all one and lets us know we are not alone in this uncertain and unpredictable lifetime.

[This story was taken with permission, from an anthology of stories, poetry and other works by students of Basic Education 10, SIAST Kelsey Campus, entitled VISIONS 12, page 23.]

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