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April 16, 2001

This poem was written by Sandra Campbell, from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Sandra has been in the literacy program at Prince Albert Youth Activity Centre for a few months and she likes it. What made her come to a literacy program was the simple fact that she needed to get some of her schooling skills back. Her pastimes are writing poems, hanging out with friends and playing pool and sports. Sandra's interest in writing poems has always been there. She has a whole book of poems.

Dear friend

by Sandra Campbell

I look around and what do i see?
I see marijuana and beer looking at me !
I see my dear friend standing in a corner with a needle !
I drop to my knees and beg him please, don't do that it can kill you !
you don't need this garbage in your life!
you have 2 kids and a wonderful wife !
just stop long enough to put that in to consideration !
just think what you'll lose to drugs and booze !
you don't need this kind of life !
just look at your wife !
she loves you so much with all her heart !
can't you see your tearing her apart !
please friend just say no!

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