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June 25, 2001

The following poem was written by Michael Linklater, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is a student at SIAST Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon. He was born in North Battleford SK on January 24, 1969 and he is from the Thunderchild First Nations Reserve. Michael has three lovely children whom he loves with all his heart. He originally grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and loved every minute of it. He moved permanently to Saskatoon in 1993 for personal reasons and still loves every minute of it.

I figured

by Michael Linklater

I figured it was her long neck,
why I fell for my beauty.
When I stroked her once and twice,
I knew she was my duty.
I knew there were strings attached,
and I knew there were keys.
When I tuned her up,
all she screamed was, "please, please!"
When I heard, "Hoochie Coochie man,"
I figured that was the plan!
A stroke later became a strum,
and the feel of her neck was so awesome.
To this day she still sings of glee,
and I figured we'll be for eternity.

[This story was taken with permission, from an anthology of stories, poetry and other works by students of Basic Education 10, SIAST Kelsey Campus, entitled VISIONS 13, page 33.]

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