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July 30, 2001

The following story was written by Vickie Burns, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Vicki was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, and she is a student at SIAST, Kelsey Campus in Saskatoon. She is currently finishing her Basic Education 10 program. Vicki is the mother of a seven year-old daughter, Krystal.

My Daughter Krystal

by Vickie Burns

My name is Vickie Burns; I'm from James Smith Cree Nation Reserve. I have a beautiful seven-year-old daughter, and her name is Krystal. She has light brown hair with blue eyes and, in her right eye is a spot of brown; it is a birth mark. She goes to Pleasant Hill school, and she enjoys playing piano. Her second language is Cree, and she also likes doing Pow-Wow as she would like to be a jingle dancer when she grows up. She is a straight-A student, and Mr. Cassie, her grade-two teacher said she is a role model in school. She helps the special-needs children at school, so for a reward at school her teacher and three other children are going to see Elmo in Grouch Land at the theatre. Another hobby that she has is collecting Pokemon cards which is an "in" hobby with today's youth. She spends a lot of time with my mom, who she calls Granny. Krystal and Granny are very close. Krystal enjoys it when her uncle, Trevor, takes her to her reading book club at school on Fridays. The book club is where the children eat toast and drink juice, while the adults get tea or coffee with their toast. After they eat, they read their books. My family does a lot for Krystal; for example, her uncles and grandpa take her to hockey games while my sister Jody takes her for the weekend every once in awhile. Krystal is very loved by everybody in my family. She is a very special little girl and she means the world to me. I'm very proud that she is my daughter.

[This story was taken with permission, from an anthology of stories, poetry and other works by students of Basic Education 10, SIAST Kelsey Campus, entitled VISIONS 13, page 43.]

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