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Learner story archives

October 1, 2001

This week, we are launching 9 stories written by learners in Duncan, BC. As a special event you can read the stories and hear some of them.


by Audrey

I sit at my own computer desk. I look out of the window to see people walk by to see what is on their faces with expressions like happy or sad or when the kids are crying. There is one kid crying in his stroller. He was having tantrums. He was having a hairy fit. The kid wanted a balloon. He saw a kid with a balloon in his hands.

That kid wanted that darn balloon. That kid was crying and screaming for that balloon. His mother yelled at the boy, "You are not having that balloon ok." She gave him a little smack on his hand.

The balloons are rainbow colours that's what the kid wanted. The kid yelled and yelled and yelled at his mother. "I want that balloon l want that balloon," said the little kid. The mother said, "No you are not having that balloon." The boy smacked his mother for not giving him that balloon. So the mother gave that little boy a good spanking on the bum.

The mother was not happy what she did to her little boy by giving him a spanking on the bum. The little boy did not care what his mother did to him. The little boy laughed in his mother's face. The mother got upset that he was laughing at her. The mother of the little boy that wanted that balloon she popped that other kid's balloon so her kid does not cry or scream or hit for that balloon.

That solved the problem. I would have felt embarrassed obligated to figure something out. She would have felt frustrated and quilty. If l was in her shoes l would have done the same thing.

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