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June 17, 1996

The feature article this week was taken from the book " Reflections FROM INSIDE" published by Frontier College. The author, Donna Lovell, is quite an extraordinary person. In addition to being a learner, Donna is a member of the Board of Governors of Frontier College. She has also been a trainer and a speaker on behalf of the Independent Studies program. Donna lives in Scarborough, Ontario with her two siamese cats C.C. and B.B.

A Fine Rain
An Open Letter to Frontier

by Donna Lovell

July 11, 1995

I went to the College today. A gentle rain began to fall as I sat outside waiting to go in. I was way too early, as I am nine times out of ten.

It has been very dry these early summer days, so dry there is talk of loss of crops or much smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables this year. This soft gentle rain is just the kind we need so the dry parched earth can take it in and slowly drink deeply without waste. A hard rain would have only been lost in run off. The ground would not have been prepared or able to take it in. But this soft fine rain is welcomed and the earth opened and softened itself to accept all that is falling. As I sit and watch the rain and the comings and goings of the College, I see how the learning experience for myself with Frontier is very much like this gentle rain fall. There has been a quiet patient softening of myself by the caring and teaching of the tutoring I have had with them. I have softened and opened up to these skilled teachers and helpers, any hard pushing or lecturing would run off my back as it had all my life. But the gentle steady caring and teaching of all I have come into contact with, has left me open and able to take in the learning. I feel that the fruits are growing with all the help and patience. The crop will be a bumper one this year.

Thank you all for my very fine rain.


[This reflection is being published with the kind permission of Frontier College]

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