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October 21, 1996

This week, we have a story written by Jesse Desjardin, from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Jesse was born in Lac Loche, Saskatchewan. Her family of six children includes twin daughters. She is now enrolled in an adult upgrading program in Prince Albert through Woodland Institute of the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology and Won Ska Cultural School. She feels good about going back to school, and hopes to take more courses to complete her grade ten. Her favourite pastimes are music, dancing, sewing, handicrafts and watching TV.

The Seasons I Like Best

by Jesse Desjardin

The seasons I like best are fall and summer. I really enjoy both. In summer, it is warm and beautiful for travelling anywhere you want to go. I like going camping and doing all kinds of activities outside. I do the gardening and plant all kinds of vegetables. I even plant flowers around my house. I like fishing, canoeing, picking berries, and going for walks in the bush.

If I go to a camping area, I pitch a tent and make a fire outside. I do a little bit of cooking and eating around the fireside. You see all the green leaves and flowers blooming at the edge of the bush, and you smell all kinds of new fresh lives around you. Summer is very beautiful for me because there are lots of things you do in summer.

In the fall, there is beautiful scenery to see after all the leaves turn yellow and brown and start falling. You hear all kinds of noises in the bush as the birds are singing. When I walk in the bush I look at things that are ready to fade away for the winter. I like seeing the first fall of snow. It seems as if everything is so alive for me. I really enjoy myself in summer and fall.

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