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January 20, 1997

This week's story was written by Kelly Kyung Koo Han. Kelly was born in the Kahng Woan province in Korea, and moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1987. Since this time Kelly has been improving her English with the help from the Woodlands Institutes programs. Her poems were taken with permission from "On Our Way", Saskatchewan's Plain Language Newspaper in the January 1997 edition.

The Light In The Heart

by Kelly Kyung Koo Han

No light is shining, but the mind is able to see it

No sound is resonant, but the mind is able to hear it

No shape is forming, but the mind is able to touch it

Trying to forget what I've done, but it can't be done

The space is indefinite, but be able to look at it

The water is deep, but be able to look down at it

The wind is no shape, but be able to conjecture it

No way only knows the veiled heart of human beings

When the light in the heart has been veiled over,

the eyesight becomes blurring.

The furrowed face feels bitter against time and tide

The icy frost, it's a reminiscence.


Kelly Kyung Koo Han

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