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Learner story archives

March 24, 1997

This week's story was written by Black Wolf, from Stony Mountain in Manitoba.

I'm Not Alone

by Black Wolf


it lingers in my mind my body

amongst my hopes my notions

it is compelling, forceful

who will help me?

I have strayed

strayed from the path

the bars behind which I've placed myself are arctic

the echoes are friendless

the undermost part is now

no ambitions

no direction

only dismal sorrow

amongst the nullifying emotions

and antipathy

a society I'm alien to has denounced me

but my journey will not be suppressed

I've still got my dreams

when the laws of the whiteman fail to crush our hopes

our spiritual laws will reign supreme

behind me

the wolf



above me the eagle soars with my prayers

letting me know

I'm not alone

[This poem was taken with permission from SPIRIT WITHIN OUR DREAMS, a publication by the students at the school of the Stony Mountain Correctional Institute in Stony Mountain, Manitoba.]

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