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April 21, 1997

This week's story is by Herman Charlie who grew up on Babine Lake, British Columbia, but now lives in Prince George.

The Best Time of my Life

by Herman Charlie

The best time of my life was the spring when I turned seven. Nature was beginning to bloom and the sweet smell of fresh air was breezing through the countryside.

I lived far out in the country with my parents and closest family members. We woke up at sunrise with the birds chirping, energizing me to a full wakefulness. My mother would be cooking breakfast, while my grandpa would sit out on the porch front, from where he could see miles and miles of country. I used to sit with him, asking him all sorts of questions about wildlife and things in general. My grandma was a workaholic, working in the early morning mist on a moose hide, or preparing moose meat or fish for canning and drying for the winter.

The rest of my family members would be cutting firewood, hunting, or fishing, except for my brothers, sisters and I; we would wander around close to our country home and go swimming in the lake, or hike out to the nearby hills and trails where we played together. My family lived well in our country home, with fresh air, fresh food from the garden, and fish from the lake. Everything was freshly prepared, right from the land. Those days left me with many precious memories.

[This story was taken with permission from In This Country... Personal Stories About Northern BC, written by students in adult education programs.]

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