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Learner story archives

May 12, 1997

Our story this week is drawn from a powerful collection of stories, poetry and visual art by the students at the Stony Mountain Correctional Institute in Stony Mountain, Manitoba. The following poem was written by D. Boudreau.

Midnight Twilight Delight

by D. Boudreau

From the early morning sunrise

I see beautiful shades of glory

glittering through the horizon.

While ever glittering also dances

With delight of a beautiful sunrise.

As of so time goes by and by

dancing its way to the west

till suddenly a glare of a sunset

Setting down to its last sight

in an ever so sunset in the west.

With a beauty of darkness setting

into a full moon night of delight

to a calm but suddenly echoes of the

wild howling through the darkness

calls of the wild, ever so wild

in a Midnight, Twilight, Delight.

[This poem was taken with permission from "Story Within Our Dreams," a collection of writings from the Stony Mountain Correctional Institute, in Stony Mountain, Manitoba.]

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