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Learner story archives

June 30, 1997

The following story was written by Claudine Taras, a learner at Frontier College in Toronto, Ontario.

A Story from My Life

by Claudine Taras

My name is Claudine

I am writing a story from my life.

It was in August last year. It was a very warm day,

so I went for a walk at the lake.

The sky was so blue and the sun so brilliant.

The grass was like a green carpet decorated with

beautiful colourful flowers. There were people

swimming in the water and children playing on the

sand. Some people were feeding different birds.

Passing a few houses on the beach I saw in one

backyard a cat playing with a ball and a dog barking

quite loud.

It was the time to go home. This is the end of

my story.

[This poem was taken with permission from "Reflections From Inside", a collection of learners' stories published by Frontier College].

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