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May 17,2010

This week, we have a story written by Dorothy Headon, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Dorothy  has had  literacy tutoring with READ Saskatoon.


by Dorothy Headon

My friend suggested Kelsey and now I'm at Score. I just need my math and I'll have grade twelve. Then I want to take a computer class. I mostly stay home knitting and crocheting. I've never been one to go out much. I felt like an outcast when I started going to the library (for tutoring). Now I feel like I fit in. I can help my daughter. I am a role model for her. She needs help, too. READ Saskatoon is the only one that has helped me get past Dick and Jane. It is the best part of my life.

[This story was taken with permission, from the READ Saskatoon website, in the Adult Learners section.]

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