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January 26, 2009

This week, we have a poem from Middleton, Nova Scotia. The author, Percy Beals, was born in North Preston, near Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He worked in the food industry for two and a half years and then with commercial cleaners. Upgrading his education has been a priority for a long time, so Percy has been in a number of literacy programs. Besides watching sports, he enjoys using the computer. He is very knowledgeable about websites. Percy's dream is to design and produce cards, a field in which he could combine his poetry writing and love of computers.

Never Let Love Get Cold

by Percy Beals

love waits whole-hearted
love stands cold-hearted
love shivers in the cold
love runs wild and sometimes free
love needs you like it begs me
love hurts, waiting to be held
love whispers to be wanted
love pleads to belong
love prays to be found
love needs you and me
love cries out to touch
love wants to feel
how can you make love real?
love wants passion
love will never grow out of fashion
love is waiting for a partner like you or me.

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