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March 2, 2009

This week, we have a story written by Rita Moyah, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Rita is the winner of The Cooperators' Learner Achievement Award for 2008. She was enrolled at Radius Community Centre, in the Life Lesson program.


by Rita Moyah

Good afternoon everyone. My name is Rita Moyah and I would first like to thank READ Saskatoon for choosing me for the Learner Achievement Award. I am honoured and proud of myself for winning this award and for completing the Life Lesson program at Radius Community Centre which contributed to my success with literacy.

I am busy mother and grandmother who needs literacy for everyday activities. I love reading books to my kids and helping them with their homework. Also, I enjoy reading the newspaper and novels from time to time.

Back in the late 90's I decided to upgrade my education, but struggled with communication skills, which had been a problem since I was a little girl. Having studied in a one room elementary school with a teacher who was responsible for grades one through six, my needs went unnoticed. Speaking in front of people was always my fear because I felt that no one could understand me, so I just wouldn't talk. I kept to myself and didn't have many friends. Eventually I decided I had to take classes to improve my speech as an adult.

Now I look back on my learning experiences and feel proud of myself for improving my speaking, reading, writing and math skills at Radius. I am more comfortable in a group setting and not as shy to share my opinions and concerns. My teachers, Wendy and Andrea helped me so much in learning and getting through this program. Without their guidance, I would not have accomplished as much.

I feel I have more skills to find employment and to continue lifelong learning. I am a more confident happier person because of what I have accomplished in Life Lessons. Thank you to the teachers and everyone who believed in me! I am honoured to accept this award.

[This story was taken with permission, from the READ Saskatoon website, in the Awards section.]

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