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March 16, 2009

This week, we have a story written by Pam Cooper, from Bedford-Sackville, Nova Scotia. Pam is enrolled in literacy classes at the Bedford Sackville Literacy Network (BSLN).

My Favorite Possession

by Pam Cooper

I have a bureau in my bedroom that brings back special memories for me. It was originally part of the furniture in my grandmother's bedroom. I remember as a child, peeping over the edge to try to see in the mirror. I must have been very small at the time; the top is only about three feet high. I believe it was actually used as a dry sink since it always had a jug and basin on top. I inherited the bureau about ten years ago.

When I got the bureau there was a coat of chocolate brown paint covering it. I decided to refinish it. Underneath all the old paint it was gorgeous. The mirror has carved flowers around the edge. The mirror also has a kind of warped effect; older mirrors give distorted reflections and make things look bigger. It has an old fashioned lock; unfortunately the key didn't come with it.

I realized the bureau was old, by the odd shaped round dowels holding it together, but uncertain exactly how old. It has writing on the back that reads "Jas Simmond". I thought maybe it was the person who had made the bureau. It was a funny coincidence, but I found out who Jas Simmond was. My sister bought a book called "The History of Dartmouth". I bought the same book a couple of weeks later. I was interested in the book but didn't want to wait to borrow it from my sister. I was looking through the book and noticed a picture of a store. The name of the store was Jas Simmond. The book said the store was in business around 1870. This has made me realize the bureau is about 130 years old.

I have already decided who I will pass the bureau on to. The monetary value to me is unimportant. The bureau is special to me for the memories it gives me. When I look at the bureau it takes me back to a special time in my childhood. The bureau also reminds me of a special person in my life my grandmother.

[This story was taken with permission, from the Bedford Sackville Literacy Network (BSLN) website, under Learner Stories.]

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