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June 7, 2010

The following story was written by Alison Pepper, from Edmonton, Alberta. Alison is enrolled in literacy classes at Project Adult Literacy Society (PALS). In April 2008, she took part in some sessions during the Pan-Canadian Interactive Literacy Forum in Edmonton.

My Story (Part II)

by Alison Pepper

I go to Students for Students at P.A.L.S. and volunteer a lot. We meet once at the beginning of each month. We did a workshop on public speaking and I do talks for the United Way. SFS does workshops for other learning centers too and at Literacy Day at the Library. We showed them how to make soapstone heart necklaces and memory boxes with stickers and ribbon. It is fun to do and show other people. I like to teach them. We go on field trips and day outings. This year I had them to my house for a potluck. We are all friends.

Now that I can read I can go on the bus. I used to be afraid. I didn't know which way to go and would hate to get lost. I can use a cook book and make new foods. I like to read the paper and find new recipes. I can look in the paper at the movies and figure out what is on and where we should go. I couldn't do that before.

At the day care I can read stories to the children. I keep notes about what has happened in the day. I couldn't do that when I started years ago. I do babysitting jobs in the evenings now and I can write notes to the parents if something happens. They can leave me notes too about what to do and where they are at. It is a big responsibility so it is good to feel safer.

I like to read. I read the paper and magazines and books. I read 'The Elephant Man' and 'Anne of Green Gables' so far this year. They were very interesting. My friend Debbie at P.A.L.S. is reading 'Charlottes Web'. That is what I will read next. I have seen the movie. Then I will talk to Debbie about it. It feels good to be able to read for fun. I didn't even know that people did that before. It feels really good.

Part 1

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