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October 13, 1997

The following story was written by Fred Shewell, who is a learner with the Independent Studies Program of Frontier College, in Toronto, Ontario

Clear Liquid

by Fred Shewell

My life as a child was a very mischievous one. I was always getting into trouble. There was an incident when I was about ten. I lived in a village outside of Kitchener, Ontario, called Bridgeport. Most of the houses were heated by fuel oil. So one day as I was playing I happened to be outside this family's house when I came across a barrel. There was a tap on the barrel. I turned it on. Some clear liquid came out.

I thought it was water so I left it running. But later on I found out through my father and the owner of the house what was in the barrel. It was fuel oil and that I let all of it out. Which was about forty-five gallons.

[This story was taken with permission, from a collection of stories by the students of The Independent Studies Literacy Program at Frontier College, entitled "Insights", p 15.]

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